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Essential Motorcycle Riding Gear

Motorcycle clothing is more comfortable and protective than it has ever been, yet riders still not do wear appropriate clothing.

Did you know that every year in the UK, there are an approximate 28,000 casualties following motorcycle accidents, and many of them are guilty of not wearing protective clothing or helmets. It is statistics like this that really emphasise the importance of motorcycle equipment.

Below is a list of essentials that riders should be wearing:


Good quality clothing will protect you against injury during impact. It will not fully protect you, but it will certainly lessen the blow. Furthermore, proper motorcycle clothing will help you stay comfortable in adverse weather conditions. You must be fully covered, wearing long-sleeves and trousers, as they will protect you against sunburn, windburn, hydration and hyperthermia.

The best performing jackets are usually made from leather because it is think, durable and abrasion-resistant. Waterproof jackets are perfect for wet conditions. However, always make sure waterproof jackets have CE approved armour in the elbows and shoulders. There are a lot of poor quality jackets out there so watch out for the fake stuff. If you want to be sure, look for the code EN1621 on the product. Waterproof jackets can be versatile; some have removable thermal liners which mean you can wear the jacket in the summer months.

Visibility is as equally as important as comfort. Did you know that only 2 out of 900 accident cases studied by researchers were wearing visible clothing? Even if you attach fluorescent strips of patches onto your clothing, it will still improve your visibility to other drivers, especially at night time.

When buying motorcycle clothing it is vital that you try the items on before you commit to buying. Motorcyclists are susceptible to rapid chilling which can sometimes lead to hyperthermia, therefore proper motorcycle gear such as items that are windproof and well insulated are essential. Always check the labels and ask for assistance if you are unsure about the quality of a product.


A systematic review conducted in 2008, revealed that riders who wear helmets reduce the risk of head injury by a staggering 69% and death by 42. There are many motorcycle helmet retailers out there and it can be difficult trying to distinguish a good quality helmet from a standard helmet that may not ensure maximum protection.

Things to look out for in a helmet are: a venting system, good fit, appearance, comfort features, convenience features and cost. Note that the best helmets will be the most expensive, but it is money worth spending. Gloves


come in variety of materials to accommodate all seasons and weather conditions. Leather gloves will protect you against blisters, the wind, the sun and harsh weather. If you should ever fall off your bike, gloves will protect your hands from cuts and grazes. Always make sure your gloves fit snugly as it will improve your grip on your handlebar. Lightweight gloves are ideal for the summer.


The top quality boots are made with high-tech fibre meaning they are light-weight and high-performing. Lightweight soles will be far more comfortable than clumpy, heavy boots as they are flexible and protective. Other things to look out for in a quality product are: external shin protection, excellent aerodynamics, vents to promote airflow and a CE certified code. For more information about motorcycle clothing and motorbike helmets visit your local retailer.

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